CitizenBees – The city bees are colonising Bern

HEY HONEY! – Good news!
What do the bees of the CitizenBees label have in common?
They're all city-dwellers. Following Paris, Geneva and Neuchâtel, the bees have now come to Bern and moved into 3 flash wooden condos on the hotel roof. Their busy activities can be viewed through a glass window on the 3rd floor with no danger of being stung.

Hotel Alpenblick has chosen to take on 3 bee hives primarily to counteract the following factors:

  • An alarming death rate the bees are disappearing:
    30% of bee colonies die every winter in Switzerland, Europe and around the world… There are many causes including pesticides, lack of rural plant diversity (loss of wildflowers), and parasites.
  • The Vital Role of Bees: 
    80% of plant species owe their existence and continued evolution to pollinating insects. A third of the world's comestible produce is the result of the work of bees in their role as primary pollinators.

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